Leather Sofa Scratched, Peeled Or Cracked

- May 21, 2018-

Leather sofas are popular among consumers because of their ease of use, but they are also inevitably faced with problems during daily life. For example, children are squeezed with sharp objects or squeezed in the process of handling. Being torn, etc., once damaged not only affect the appearance, but also affect the feeling of people's seat, throw it, feel pity, placed in the living room and feel a bit ugly, then if you deal with this problem, the following Xuan Art Sofa proposes solutions to three possible situations for leather sofas.

1. only cracked or scratched, not peeled

   It is advisable to find lines of similar color to the skin and stitch them together. Although it is not guaranteed to be the same as the original, it is at least a lot better than the rift.

2. broke a hole or peeled

   It is advisable to find a material similar to that of the broken sofa leather. The best is similar to the skin. Cut out a slightly larger area than the damaged one. Place it under the skin of the sofa and glue it with 502 glue. If the hand is a little better, it is also possible to use sewing thread to sewn the similar material.

3. leather sofa large area peeled

   The use of leather sofas for a long time will inevitably result in the loss of skin. If it is a large area, we recommend that you directly look for a sofa factory to change the fabric, and if you renovate it, you can restore it. If the area is very small, it is recommended that everyone be a sofa set, sofa sets are tailor-made according to the size of the sofa, very docile, the effect is quite good.