KTV Sofa Process Structure

- Jun 08, 2018-

The ktv sofa must be made clearly on the shelf to make a three-point transition, making a high-back ktv sofa frame. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the position of the support point when performing processes such as ktv sofa masking, which brings discomfort to the user. When buying a high-back ktv sofa, pay attention to whether the three supporting points on the back of the sofa are reasonable and appropriate. The high-back ktv sofa is evolved from a chaise longue to improve rest performance, and can also be equipped with a footstool. Before the ktv sofa is placed, its height can be the same as that of a ktv sofa seat.

The role of ktv is not the same as it is different. The ktv sofa has three structures - a high back ktv sofa, an ordinary ktv sofa and a low back ktv sofa.

A support point is used to support the user's waist (ie, the lumbar spine). The ktv sofa has a low backrest height, and the low back ktv sofa belongs to a rest-type lightweight chair. General distance from the seat about 370mm, the backrest angle is also smaller, not only conducive to rest, but also makes the entire ktv sofa move more convenient, lightweight, small footprint.

Most of the sales on the market are such ktv sofas. There are generally two supporting points supporting the lumbar spine, and the common ktv sofa is the most common one. Get curved surfaces that match the back of your body. The angle between the ktv sofa backrest and the seat surface is very critical. If the angle between the ktv sofa backrest and the seat surface is too large or too small, the abdominal muscles of the user will be strained and fatigue will occur.

The width of the ktv sofa seat should not be too large, too. The width of the seat is generally required to be within 540mm, so that you can adjust the sitting position at will, rest more comfortably, and you can prevent the gap between the waist and the back, not backache.

Make people's waist, shoulders and back of the brain at the same time on the curved backrest. These three support points do not form a straight line in space, and high back ktv sofas are also called aviation seats. There are three fulcrums. Therefore, the production of such a ktv sofa requires higher technology, and the selection is more difficult at the time of purchase.