Ktv Decoration Design And Color With Knowledge

- May 24, 2018-

Ktv decoration design is a more demanding personality, innovative tooling design, although ktv decoration design requirements to walk in the forefront of the times, but in ktv decoration design designers and owners, but also pay attention to the style and color in the ktv decoration design with . The contrast of colors and the harmonization of colors are the basic principles that are adhered to in the color matching method. When dealing with the color relationship of the ktv decoration design, the color itself can be used to carry out deployment to form a different personal atmosphere.

   KTV is a choice for modern people's leisure and entertainment, but it differs from other business clubs and private clubs in decoration design. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the difference in design. The theme of KTV design is very important. Thematic positioning is just like the goal of doing something. When the goal is determined, we must start. When designing, the elements in the entire space are generated around a certain theme. Not only that, KTV's well-defined space can give people an appeal before patronizing, giving a very deep impression after the experience. KTV decoration has a higher requirement for the personality of the exhibition space. Every building and space has its own personality and has its own connotations. And each project is unique, so before KTV design, it is necessary to analyze the personality and characteristics of space. The process of KTV design is actually to optimize a space and fully display its connotation and temperament.


   The emotional aspects of KTV design need to be considered. Any space design can not be separated, KTV design must pay attention to points. On the emotional level, KTV is any relationship between a person and any object in space, a light, a color, and an emotional touch. The decoration of the club; a good KTV design is not only the design creativity itself, but can be organically combined with the item space and can respond to people's emotions. An emotional space design is impossible to keep customers. When the above factors are all firmly designed, the grade of KTV's renovation design will be improved.


    For the KTV color matching insights: First of all to determine whether the KTV design is a monochromatic design or multi-color collocation design, the general situation KTV design is the use of multi-color with the design, this is more in line with the entertainment of the color style. With multi-color and KTV design, we must first select a main color, also called the scene color, and then with some auxiliary colors for embellishment, this can achieve a lively effect in the night box. When the operator does not know how to determine the color style, the designer's general insurance approach is to choose a medium color to meet the operator's requirements, for example, you can choose a slightly brighter white as the main color, and then use other colors in the box The lavender is decorated with elegance and generosity. In fact, if the store's decoration budget or design budget is sufficient, you can consider setting the theme box. In fact, the so-called theme is also rendered in color.