Imported Chinese Mattresses Falsely Claimed That The Us Made A Furniture Company In California

- Mar 31, 2018-

The federal trade commission, said in a statement on March 13, according to an agreement with the federal trade commission, based in California in the United States company has agreed to stop the mattress that is "made in USA" made in China.

The federal trade commission charges "Nectar" Brand co., LTD as Nectar Brand LLC in advertising claims that its sales of mattess is "the design and manufacture", fully imported from China, but in fact these mattress is not manufactured in the United States.

Other names for the company include "nectarsleep", "dream cloud" limited liability company and "dream cloud" brand limited liability company, and marketing its products on its website,

According to the terms of the proposed law, unless the "honey" to display the products of the company eventually manufacturing or processing as well as all the main production process in the United States, and all or indeed all materials and components required for the production of the product is made in the United States and from the United States, the company not in a position to claim the mattress or other products or services from the United States.

Such American companies' claims that "made in America" defrauded consumers had happened before.

In 2015, wal-mart, the retail giant, was accused of having about 100 products labelled "made in America", including many made in China.

Wal-mart has been promoting a so-called "American jobs" program over the past few years, promising to increase its purchases of american-made products.