How To Open A Good Tea Restaurant - The Management Of The Tea Restaurant

- May 30, 2018-

With the continuous acceleration of the pace of urban life, the corresponding work pressure is also growing, and eating has become another kind of adjustment method for tired urbanites to sneak in and out. The fun of eating urban people is no longer a simple color. , taste, if you open a tea restaurant with a characteristic win will be able to attract many casual customers.

   Casual tea restaurants are popular because they can be freely combined. Refreshments are often used to create a casual environment. People mainly enjoy leisure activities and relax. They are moderately priced, and usually have a cup of tea and some casual dishes. Five friends, about 15 yuan per capita, the average consumer can accept. In addition, eating refreshments for a long time, people eat snacks on a leisurely map it has a relaxed space, can get a longer time to rest, often a seat is Two hours or even half a day. With the development of leisure consumption, the tea restaurant is becoming a modern consumer trend for urban residents.

Business Method

 1. The operation of the restaurant can be used as a reference for fast food restaurants, concentrated meals, western food, fast food, and hot and cold drinks in one, with fast production, rich variety, and low price as a feature. Prepare varieties of porridge, flour, noodles, and burn. Other Chinese foods such as umami, lo mei, soup broth, exquisite side dishes and fritters, fried dumplings, cakes, etc. There are also western-style foods such as sandwiches, milk tea, hot drinks, assorted drinks, etc. The price is set at 3 to 8 yuan per serving. Tea can be prepared. In addition to famous brands such as Longjing and Tieguanyin, it is also necessary to provide sedative tea, qi tea and other health teas; fruit tea such as lemon tea, and apple tea should also be prepared here.

 2. The design of the tea restaurant should be simple. Use bright and clean shops to attract customers. Rely on the side of the road to install a large floor-to-ceiling glass. Not only the customers can see the bustling streets, but also allow pedestrians to see elegant and generous. The dining room. The environment, the light to match the color of the tables and chairs, there should be a touch of warm colors, then play a touch of music, people have a warm feeling. The shop prepared a number of newspapers and magazines, so that guests are seated after a cup of tea Looking through newspapers and magazines, compared to fast-food restaurants, Chinese people will love the environment of tea restaurants. After all, there are some cultural and cultural continuations.

 3. Tea kitchen can use open kitchen, customers can see the operation process of food. All use disposable tableware, uniform dress for employees, so as to appear clean and healthy, allowing customers to rest assured that the meal. Tea restaurant not only to be old people and business negotiations The venue, but also the introduction of special packages to facilitate salaried workers and students. The service is also very important, the customer into the store that is sent a cup of free hot tea, to make people feel at home, so as to attract repeat customers.

Consumer tips

 1. At noon each tea restaurant is served with a business lunch and generally contains a drink or soup, a meal or noodles, side dishes, salad or fruit. The price ranges from RMB 10 to RMB 20, and the variety is varied. Rich and affordable.

 2. Non-dining time You can choose hot and cold drinks, coffee, various teas, on-site blended juices, milk teas, etc. in the tea restaurant. Check whether the authenticity of the tea restaurant can start from the drink, the coffee must be ground, and the drink must be fresh. Modulation, raw materials should be fresh, production must be familiar, of course, the most important thing is to taste delicate. At the same time, with a small piece of sandwiches, or a Chinese and Western snacks are very "point".

 3. Although the tea restaurant is not more delicious than the big restaurant, but also has its own specialties, Guangdong and Hong Kong fry, flavor fried rice, noodles, snacks, meticulous and compact. Investment planning total investment is controlled at 100,000 yuan, including : The store's rent is 20,000 yuan (about 100 square meters); the decoration is elegant and yet modern (about 30,000 yuan); the tea set and other equipment (tables, chairs, air conditioning, audio) are 20,000 yuan; all kinds of tea, food, fruit 2 Million Yuan. Benefit Analysis Tea Restaurant operates 14 hours a day. It receives 100 guests on average every day. It consumes 15 yuan per person and has a daily turnover of 1500 yuan. Based on a 50% net profit, the daily profit is 750 yuan, and the monthly profit is 20,000 yuan. , Half-year recovery of costs, annual profit of 100,000 yuan.