How To Eliminate The Smell Of Leather Office Furniture

- Jul 27, 2018-

How to eliminate the smell of leather office furniture


After decorating your company, it usually takes a week or a month to start working, so that the formaldehyde in the office space is completely distributed, but when we stay, the taste of some Dongguan leather office furniture will be bothered. Looking at us, it is really difficult. Today, Dongguan office furniture manufacturer Langli Furniture will tell you how to quickly eliminate the smell of leather office furniture in Dongguan.

First of all, in order to eliminate the smell of leather office furniture, we must keep the office space ventilated and ventilated, do not always open the exhaust air pumping system, only the air is well circulated, we can handle these odors well, of course, ventilation This step is the most basic step and the most important step. If you do not follow the steps below, it will be difficult.

 Generally, these odors are all emitted from leather. We should start from here. We can sprinkle some tea poles on the leather of these office furniture in Dongguan, so that it can absorb the odor of the surface, and the tea can be soaked. It is also a good practice to sprinkle some on it.

Indoors, we can put some lemon, pineapple, orange peel, grapefruit peel, etc. in some corners of the room or next to Dongguan leather office furniture, because these fruits can effectively remove the smell of Dongguan office furniture, especially grapefruit skin. A porous active material like cotton, the active material in these pores can have a large surface area in contact with air, so the surface has a strong adsorption capacity and can absorb odor.