How To Distinguish Between Pure Solid Wood Sofa And Imitation Solid Wood Sofa

- Dec 28, 2017-

Imitation solid wood sofa; so-called imitation solid wood sofa from the appearance of solid wood furniture, the natural texture of wood, feel and color are the same with solid wood furniture, light is actually mixed wood and wood-based furniture, both side panels, set , At the end, gusset plate and other components with veneer plane veneer

Spear or MDF fiberboard, doors and drawers are solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs.

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Pure solid wood sofa; furniture, all materials are solid wood, including the desktop, wardrobe doors, side panels are made of wood, not for any other forms of wood-based panels. Pure solid wood sofa on the craft and material requirements are high. Selection of solid wood, drying, finger-pointing, patchwork and so on

Seeking is very strict, if that process is not strict, Ozawa cracking occurs, joints and other phenomena loosening, then the whole set of furniture deformation, and can not be used.