How To Develop Coffee Shop Sofa Market

- Jun 05, 2018-

First, it is necessary to vigorously create a set of café sofas with Chinese traditional styles to compete with imported products.

   Chinese cafe sofa has a history of thousands of years, especially in the Ming and Qing Cafes sofas are known as the "Oriental Ming Shu" reputation. Of course, today can not be copied by tradition, but should be based on the traditional cafe sofa, combined with modern people's life philosophy, rational design of a modern cafe sofa.

Second, strive to improve product quality and lay a good brand strategy.

  The café sofa is a durable consumer product. Relatively speaking, the price is relatively high, and most people can only invest once, and therefore pay special attention to quality. Large-scale enterprises have modern production equipment, advanced technology, and production according to national technical standards, and the quality is relatively stable and reliable. The problem is that some small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized ones, have no equipment, they have no technology, they are slovenly, they cut corners and cut corners, often this year, and they will be off this year, making one shot and earning a place for another. This is a short-term behavior and the result is corrupted. Chinese cafe sofa's reputation. In today's imported coffee shop, long-term drive into the sofa, and effectively improve the quality of a number of brands that can compete with international brands, accepted by consumers; is the fundamental approach.

Third, play the advantages of low cost and low price.

  At present, the price of domestic café sofas is generally lower than the import price by 60% to 80%, which is an advantage. However, as China's participation in the WTO, import tariffs will decline, and the price of imported coffee shop sofas will fall. According to the survey, a set of 5 sets of bedroom coffee shop sofas produced by a large European country sofa production company, the ex-factory price is only 300 US dollars; has entered the Shanghai market. In addition, the margins of sofas in foreign coffee shops are low, such as the production of sofas in American cafes. Due to large-scale mass production and modern production methods, computers and robots are used to operate. In order to compete for the market, the gross profit is only 2% – 3%. However, these products will enter the Chinese market and the low price of sofas in Chinese cafes will also be lost. Only by continuously reducing costs and maintaining low prices and high quality can our business maintain market stability and develop.

Fourth, strengthen the service function.

   To achieve "people-oriented, customer-valued", truly the customer as "God", good cafe sofa service, allowing customers to buy the heart, rest assured, used with satisfaction, no worries. In this way, China's café sofa companies can remain invincible in a strong international challenge.