How To Care For Rattan Furniture

- Jun 07, 2018-

In recent years, rattan furniture is increasingly sought after by consumers, especially customers of residential furniture. There are a variety of rattan furniture on the market, such as wicker chairs, rattan tables, rattan cabinets, rattan screens, rattan mats, rattan boxes, and rattan crafts.

First, the definition of rattan furniture: unbelievable ideas, rattan furniture materials are mainly vine-based furniture. Its production process mainly includes eight links: raw material selection, raw material polishing, raw material processing, polishing, assembly, weaving, semi-finished products grinding and fuel injection.

Second, the history of rattan furniture. Rattan records first appeared before the Han dynasty. The rattan furniture was preserved on the wreck of Zheng He's Xiayang dynasty in the Ming Dynasty of the Fujian Quanzhou Museum. It was confirmed that the rattan furniture developed at that time in China.

Third, the purchase of rattan furniture. When we purchase rattan furniture, we need to pay attention to the quality of rattan. The selection of rattan is a long, well-proportioned, non-variegated rattan. The inferior vines are fine, have low toughness, and have low tensile strength and breakability.

Fourth, rattan furniture maintenance. Rattan furniture is most likely to stick dust. When cleaning, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface, then carefully clean it with a wet rag and dry it with a dry rag. In addition, washing with salt water makes it easier to decontaminate and make it more flexible.