How To Buy A Home Sofa Self-test Its Quality

- Dec 28, 2017-

1, packaging must be in good condition, complete hardware package, packaging without damage;

2, test its color, texture, softness, etc., whether it meets the requirements. Sofa color according to confirm the sample, the overall color to be uniform, no color. Colorful fabrics or leather, white towels available on its surface a few times to see if there is fade.

3, fabric sofa fabric stitching pattern should be complete, villus direction consistent, no hair removal phenomenon.

4, the surface of exquisite wood exterior smooth, no tree knot, a trace, stubble, anti-pattern, groove and mechanical damage, touch feel no burr, the outside should be chamfered. Fillet and radian and lines should be symmetrical. Straight and smooth, no scars mark marks.

5, free fall body sitting on the sofa, feel the sofa is flexible, not only in accordance with the prenatal confirmed samples, and confirm whether there is a feeling of sitting on the wooden frame.