How To Arrange Dining Furniture

- Jun 11, 2018-

Restaurant furniture generally consists of a dining table, a dining chair, and a wine cooler. Arrangement should grasp the principle of unity and supporting style. The tops of restaurant furniture are usually divided into glass countertops, wooden countertops or high-grade stone countertops.


Restaurant furniture according to the style can be divided into Chinese, European and modern, its quality and price mainly depends on its selection, specifications, style, workmanship and its sales. So how to quickly and easily choose restaurant furniture? In principle, the selection of restaurant furniture should be based on the decoration style, color, size of the room and the grade of the decoration, try to be consistent with the overall environment, and avoid patchwork. Arrangement should grasp the principle of unity and supporting style.

The best way to decorate a restaurant is to determine the style, style, and color of the restaurant furniture before decorating, and then determine the renovation plan based on the restaurant furniture.


We often encounter such problems in the daily dining furniture purchase: spending a lot of time, visiting a lot of furniture malls, and buying the restaurant furniture looks good alone, but when it is placed at home, However, it was found that the style, color, and decoration style of the furniture were extremely inconsistent with the color of the decoration, or did not match the decoration pattern. The size was not too big or too small, how to put it is not, only to buy some cheap, unadorned restaurants The improvisation of furniture makes the overall feel of home furnishings extremely inconsistent.


Here we come to introduce the restaurant furniture:


The most commonly used table is a rectangular table or a round table. It is also common to fold and push a long table. The dining chair must be matched with the table. The shape is mainly determined by the size of the room and the overall style.

Solid wood dining table and chair: natural texture, simple design, reveals the natural and simple atmosphere. Metal/glass table and chair: Made of glass with countertops, accompanied by electroplated metal, it has a strong sense of fashion.

Modern restaurant furniture also caters to the needs of modern families from the adoption of different materials and style design. Ordinary glass or tempered glass, curved glass dining room furniture with metal or wooden dining chairs, and the home environment in a simple and bright style of decoration matching is appropriate. The restaurant furniture on the wooden or stone countertops presents solemn and elegant. Ordering cannot be changed, but stone countertops can be replaced.

The selection of dining chairs and dining tables echo each other. Modern dining chairs are mainly made of wood and metal with two kinds of materials. In this year's popular furniture style, a dining chair with flannel fabrics was added to the metal inner frame. The cloth is mainly composed of dynamic patterns and brilliant colors, and the wind of modernity and fashion was interpreted in the restaurant environment. More vividly.

Food and beverage counters, that is, furniture used to store some tableware articles, beverages, and other dining accessories. In addition, you can also consider setting up space for temporary storage of food utensils.