How To Adjust The Height Of The Computer Chair

- Apr 06, 2018-

How to adjust the height of the computer chair

In general, when the chair is too low, people will “nest” in their seats when they sit down, which may cause back pain and back pain, while excessively high chairs may cause inflammation of the inside of the elbow. Therefore, adjusting the chair to a suitable height is very important for those who work at long-term desks. Today, Xiqiao computer chair gives everyone a brief introduction about the computer chair and how to adjust the height of the swivel chair. I hope everyone can sit comfortably and work life is more enjoyable.



The person to leave the chair or lift the body, the weight is not pressed on the chair, pull the wrench under the chair surface, you can adjust the height.



The person sitting in a chair, flip the wrench, the chair will fall due to the body weight. Drop it to a suitable position and release the wrench.