How Do Companies Choose Office Furniture

- Jun 16, 2018-

How do companies choose office furniture

The classification of office furniture is based on style, raw materials, price, role, etc. There are different categories, such as Chinese-style office furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, etc. According to the furniture style can be divided into: modern office furniture, American office furniture, European classical Office furniture, Chinese office furniture.

According to the information used, the office furniture is divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture metal furniture, steel wood furniture, and other data components such as glass, marble, ceramics, inorganic mineral deposits, fiber fabrics, and resins. Solid wood furniture: The use of logs for information, manufacturing, polished, painted and other processes from processing. The use of materials stress, long-term use, rattan furniture: light and generous, those fine intertwined rattan antique, fresh. Metal furniture: with characteristic charisma, rich color selection, variety, folding function, considerable value, cheap goods. According to the function of work furniture, it can be divided into office furniture, bedroom desk furniture, study furniture, and auxiliary furniture.

The selection of office furniture in the public space is different from the selection of the general home decoration. It has its own characteristics in terms of functions, raw materials, shapes, colors, and so on. The furniture of office decoration space is generally used by many people. It has special function and characteristics. The methods and characteristics of office furniture matching allow us to better understand the connection between office furniture and space.

Styles are common: all kinds of furniture used in the same place in the styling are generally common in style, showing a certain corporate culture, such as the historic hotel has its own decorative style and furniture matching features.

Solid use: Because the furniture in the public space is served by a large number of people, this special function requires furniture to be solid and useful in both planning and selection. In particular, the quality of furniture often touched by people is particularly important. Hotel chairs, cashiers used, etc., these furniture are often used in the raw materials of the furniture are excellent, even if some very small accessories must have high requirements for the use of furniture, the general term than the average home improvement Furniture requires a longer time to use.

The color is soft: most of the furniture in the public space is soft, and the fierce contrast between colors is not recommended, because the furniture in the public space must satisfy the aesthetic requirements of most people. Therefore, the color of the furniture in the public space must be taken into account by most people. Aesthetic requirements, if you require a higher level of aesthetics, can choose special furniture, or in the furniture accessories up and down time.

Secure: Work furniture in public spaces often does not require more features. In particular, the selection of shapes and raw materials should make people feel better, and try to prevent sharp shapes, unstable structures, fragile, moldy, contaminated, and toxic raw materials to prevent people from worrying.