How Did The Panel Office Furniture Come From?

- Jul 19, 2018-

Since the establishment of the first panel furniture factory in Shenzhen, China in the 1980s, panel office furniture has grown rapidly, which has greatly promoted the mechanization, standardization, scale and industrialization of the furniture industry. When was the plate office furniture born?

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the extensive use of wood-based panels in building materials, it has been widely used in the furniture industry in Europe. Until 1960, Heidis of Germany invented the "steel blind hinge" and registered the 32mm system. From this time on, the wood-based panels have been widely used in the manufacture of furniture, and have become a new type of modern industry - the panel furniture industry.

 The main material of the panel office furniture is wood-based panel. The common ones on the market are: triamine board (ie melamine board, environmental protection board), mainly medium-density board (medium density fiberboard), particle board (ie particle board, bagasse board), plywood (commonly known as splint) and so on. Panel office furniture can be subdivided into: panel file cabinets, panel conference tables and panel negotiation tables, etc. These are common office furniture in office space.