Home E-commerce Wayfair Announced That It Has Teamed Up With Magic Leap To Launch The MR Furniture Shopping Experience

- Aug 18, 2018-

Wayfair, the home e-commerce platform, announced the launch of the MR shopping experience for Magic Leap One's Helio browser.

Through the browser Helio, Wayfair's MR experience breaks the boundaries of traditional e-commerce. Consumers can launch Helio in Magic Leap One, put the browser in space, and launch the Wayfair app. Consumers can browse furniture and decor up close and interact with the product and pull it into real space. Consumers can also move and rotate products to try out different looks and spatial layouts.

Wayfair co-founder Steve Conine said: "Since its inception, Wayfair has been working to change the family shopping experience and explore the possibilities of visual images and inspiration. We teamed up with Magic Leap's MR professionals to develop this new way of home shopping. This space browsing experience will shape the next step in the retail industry."

Wayfair's web MR experience is currently available on the Magic Leap One creator version. In addition, the user can also try the MR experience by entering the URL next.wayfair.com in the Helio browser.