Hand-painted Furniture Is A Very Handcrafted Piece Of Furniture

- Jan 26, 2018-

        In this individualistic age, the whole mechanized production of furniture is outdated, "handmade" is the most fashionable choice.Hand-painted furniture has also become a new world of our individuality.

        Chinese classical furniture is usually made out of solid wood , giving a sense of thickness. Whether furniture or architecture, Chinese people like to put auspicious patterns into it. For example, the dragon and phoenix that symbolize authority,  lucky Ruyi, rich peony and so on are hand-painted patterns. And Chinese classic hand-painted furniture  patterns are mostly coloured drawings or patterns, not only the colour  is gorgeous, but also use a full of strong background that is usually given priority to  a noble singel colour such as red, gold, green  . 

        European hand-painted furniture also uses solid wood, such as Light Russian Birch and Dark New Zealand Pine. Many European hand-painted furnitures  are in rural style with white background color, it depicts the traditional rose pattern, neat and meticulous, quietly elegant in the romantic style. 

        European hand-painted furniture is based on the British pastoral style and the new-classical romantic style of Italy and France.Deciduous color, yellow brown, golden honey and white is the majority.Pattern on British rural style and American countryside style is very similar, but relatively neatly exquisite painting .  New classical romantic hand-painted furniture, is very vigorous in both pictures and colour . staying hew texture or deliberately making  worm holes, warts, a scar knots, gives a strong sense of history . American rural style has the characteristic of practice, specification and mature. In America's middle class, for example, they have a fairly good income as support, so it can be in the bedroom with larger area  to freely develop their own preferences . Design cases also shows the grade of their occupants .  

         American pastoral style pays attention to mutual communication between family members, distinguishing private space and open space each other, attaches great importance to the utility and sturdy structure of daily necessities.American pastoral style  often have simplified lines, rugged volumes  , the material is also very wide: solid wood, prints, manual  textile materials, linen fabric and nature cutting stone ...... Rural style has been taking an important position in American furniture.It should be said that it abandons the cumber and luxuryhas both classical graceful modelling and new-classica function which is more suitable for modern people's daily use .