Ghana Calls For Exemption From Import Timber Tax To Save Local Timber Industry

- May 16, 2018-

Ghana calls for exemption from import timber tax to save local timber industry

The Ghana Timber Trade Association (DOLTA) expressed its concern over the poor quality of local timber caused by the overexploitation of national forests, and called on the government to exempt the tax on imported timber in order to save the situation. The association said that this led to more than 90% of the domestic production of wood below standard; therefore, immediate action must be taken or the industry will collapse.

“We are over-exploiting our forests. Our forests have been greatly reduced; we need to look elsewhere so that we can reduce the pressure on the forest.” “We hope that the government will exempt the taxes on imported timber so that we can import timber. And for our furniture and housing projects.” If we import timber into this country and we must tax it, it would be too expensive. “The communicative director of the association, Anthony Patei Asl, said in an interview with the Financial Times.

Ghana calls for exemption from import timber tax to save local timber industry

Mr. Partey further commented on the seriousness of the situation and highlighted the danger it poses to the national housing sector. “Our market does not have the high-quality wood we used to have. In the current market, many woods are non-standard. They are called “less well-known species.” However, about 90% of these timbers are built on roof houses. I worry about our housing market.

“We must consider the future of the housing industry. In the next 10 years, the roof of more houses will gradually disappear. Therefore, we plead for the government to give up taxes.” He said.

Wood workers in China have always expressed concern about the challenges facing local industry. Last year, the Timber Market Association called on the government to ban the export of wood and timber-related products to eliminate the shortage of goods.

Ghana calls for exemption from import timber tax to save local timber industry

“In the case of increasing demand from the local market, there is no need to continue exporting timber. Isaac Avor, secretary of the Timber Market Association, said in an interview with the Financial Times: “The future of the timber industry is very bleak for local participants. Their activities centered on processing logs and timber to meet the needs of large-scale infrastructure construction projects and domestic use. ”

According to Mr. Avor, it is necessary for the government to consider stopping the export of timber in order to preserve the “little timber” in the local market.

He added: “The indiscriminate killing of forest resources has led to a reduction in the supply of timber, which may stifle the productivity of the industry and lead to unemployment.”