Furniture Rental And Repurchase Services May Become Ikea's New Business

- Mar 03, 2018-

        In davos, Switzerland world economic BBS, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA  revealed that they are testing a variety of environmental protection and sustainable development strategy, including furniture rental and repurchase services, etc.

      Jesper Brodin, Ikea's chief executive, says that many people now think there in no need to buy everything they need and focus on the possible environmental impact of abandoned furniture. "So we tested a number of different scenarios, including rental furniture," he said. 

      In Japan, for example, Ikea is testing repurchase of sofas from consumers and recycling them into production materials. Brodin says: " consumers' interest varies from cities . In London, for example, many people who live far away from working place, don't want to buy a house, renting house is very common, so they are also highly interested in renting furniture ."

      Brodin stresses that many consumers now want companies to adopt a more environmentally friendly business model, and Ikea wants to meet their needs. Brodin also revealed that Ikea is currently developing a fiber fabric that can be used to make more environmentally friendly and recycled furniture.