Furniture Production May Be More Humanizing Due To The Birth Of The Carpenter Robot

- Apr 07, 2018-

Today, as automation is rampant, more and more jobs are being replaced by robots, and labor-intensive production scenarios will become less common in the future. Recently, scientists at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed an experimental system called AutoSaw that uses robots to handle sawing.

It is reported that carpenter robots are very simple to use. Users first need to open the computer and use the existing onShape CAD system to access the basic template of the professional design of the type of project they wish to build. They can adjust the template according to their own wishes and consider factors such as size or aesthetics. Once the design is complete, the program generates a list of all the pieces that need to be cut. Set up the parameters, then everything can be handed over to it.

In addition, through radio communications, its sensors can continuously update their location information at frequencies up to 100 times per second. As a result, its target accuracy has reached 0.1mm.

Traditional carpenters use the CNC to operate, but the CNC is bulky and inconvenient to move. If the work space is too small, it will affect the production. But carpenter robots do not have these problems. They solve many problems in terms of work space, cost, and portability, and are much more flexible when used. It can be predicted that mankind's production operations will become more and more intelligent in the future.