Functional Sofa Market Development

- Jun 04, 2018-

Functional sofas are generally high positioning, high prices, and high taste. The invention of a functional sofa brought us tremendous joy and comfort in our lives. With the research and development of functional sofas, more and more people experience and enjoy the comfort of a functional sofa.

 The sofa has an important position in the family, and its use rate can be said to be more than other furniture. One of the mainstream types of sofas on the market today is cloth and one is a leather sofa. In terms of function, only the "sit" function is fully utilized, while other functions are not developed much. For example, the seats on both sides can be tilted, reclining, massage, heating, free-stretching, with a small coffee table top in the middle, built-in voice telephone and high-speed “cats” that can connect to the Internet. Need a very high level of technology to produce, such as hardware, sofa special textile fabrics, internal fillers and other aspects of technical support can be produced, so the domestic sofa companies rarely involved, only a few one or two agents of COFCO Plaza One or two kinds of imported products, and the price is very high, ranging from 50,000 to 6,000, as many as more than 100,000 or even several hundred thousand dollars, ordinary consumers want to enjoy it is difficult.


According to reports, functional sofas are widely used in homes in Europe and the United States and other countries. Every year BERKLINE Berkeley, the US's largest functional sofa manufacturer, has to buy 560,000 functional sofas. All single, double and triple sofa seats can be reclined. There is a bearing force when lying and stretching. The living room only needs about 20 square meters. The distance between the back of the sofa and the wall is only 10 centimeters. When lying down, it will stretch forward and make use of the aisle space. This will greatly save the space occupied by the backrest. 2. The elderly series can swing back and forth, stretch automatically, assist in raising and standing, so that the elderly can easily and effortlessly stand up from the reclining position of the sofa, and help the old people to lie down freely from the standing position. By electric control, smooth and comfortable.