Four Major Bases Of Plywood Will Be Stopped In Late January Or Early February

- Jan 16, 2018-

       According to Jiangsu Shuyang, pizhou ,xuzhou ,Danzhou, Heze, Shandong, Linyi wooden sheet companies learned that the base of the four veneer  rotary plants have come to an ending stage, and some will have rotary peeling finished, and some left half car Poplar logs . Rotary cut veneer factory owners have said the temperature is low and weather is too cold, poplar logs has frozen, peeling finish the last car is no longer feed, leave the staff annual leave.

        With the latest wave of cold air strikes, the north officially entered the winter season, the lowest temperature in northern cities have reached minus 10 degrees, the plate production this year has gradually come to an end. 

       Poplar veneer leave after the holiday, the building plywood, ecological panels, blockboard business will also be stopped, while other logistics companies will soon have to have a holiday, the lack of inventory may need to be stocked as soon as possible.