For Bath Sofa Use And Buy Some Suggestions

- Jun 01, 2018-

Since sofas used in leisure centers such as bathing centers and baths are frequently used, they require more maintenance than other sofas. The space where the sofa is placed requires space for air circulation and a dry environment. Do not get near fire or wet walls and avoid sun exposure.

     The surface of the bath sofa is preferably made of leather fabrics. Currently, there is a waterproof leather fabric on the market, but the cost is slightly higher than the average. However, considering the long-term interests, Xiaobian still suggests that customers choose this fabric.

If there is dust on the sofa, apply fur remover, try not to scrub with water, if necessary, light wipe with a damp, soft cloth, do not use alkaline water, soapy water, detergent solution to scrub, so as not to affect the paint brightness or cause paint to fall off .

    For sofas placed in general bathing halls, we recommend using electric adjustable sofas without armrests so that customers can use the sofas better, that is, they can lie on the bed and enjoy foot baths and massages without restrictions. The various functions of the sofa are fully utilized, and the usage rate is greatly improved.

    When we use it, we must pay attention to its maintenance measures. Whether it is a bath sofa or other kind of sofa, we usually take care of it when we use it.