Footrest Sofa Fabric Selection Diversity

- May 26, 2018-

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of fabrics for foot recliner sofas that they have so many choices that customers do not know which one to choose. For the sofa fabrics on the market, make a full understanding, in order to choose more suitable for their own foot sofa coat.

  Under normal circumstances, the printed pattern of the thin fabric due to the simple process and cheaper; and patterns and other patterns belonging to the woven up, it is more thick, but also more upscale. When you purchase, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric, which is the case. The pattern weaved by different lines of latitude and longitude has a three-dimensional effect and is not as smooth as the printed fabric. In addition, fabrics made from pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon fabrics.

    The leather foot sofa has two layers of leather and a layer of leather is the outermost layer. This layer of leather has good toughness and elasticity. After being made into a foot massage sofa, it is difficult to be broken after repeated sitting and pressing. It is a high-grade fabric and is made of special materials. Magnifying glass to see the first layer of skin can also see the clear pores; the second layer of skin is the skin of the remaining layer of skin, the second layer of skin surface tension and toughness are inferior to the first layer of skin, long-term use of the surface paint film sofa fabric often Will affect the overall effect and price of the sofa, so need to be carefully selected, of course, the filling can not be ignored. The use of two-leather sofa fabric, easy to produce cracks, to pay special attention to the purchase, to distinguish the second layer of skin can be seen through the magnifying glass clear pores is the first layer of skin; hand picked up the skin, feel soft, good elasticity For the first layer of skin.