Foot Club Decoration Design New Thinking

- May 25, 2018-

First, decoration and renovation are the basis for product innovation in consumer places.

It is common for many colleagues in many consumer places to complain that it is difficult to do business. Despite trying to find ways, they cannot always see improvement. Analysis of the reasons is nothing more than product features, outdated facilities, and personnel aging. In the past, there was a misunderstanding that product innovation mainly refers to innovation in services and processed products. In fact, under the conditions of increasingly mature and socialized services and processed products, innovation in equipment, facilities and decoration and decorating are the greatest innovations in market elasticity. The products of consumer sites include services, processed products, projects, facilities and decoration. The facilities and decoration of some of our entertainment venues have been consistently implemented for many years, even for more than ten years old faces. How can that business be so good? The facilities, decoration and decoration of entertainment venues should be common and often new. In particular, the decoration should be reconstructed in about five years. In fact, many of our entertainment venues lack awareness of the fundamental role of renovation and innovation in the entire product innovation. There are two problems that have been manifested. One is that one thousand people are accustomed to it, and the other is not to be broken or not to be rebuilt. In the whole decoration, the understanding of store decoration is the weakest.

Second, give the guests a memorable first impression.

It is very important to use bright colors, lighting, and styling to make the store bright and moving. Brightness can give people pleasure, good feelings, silent summoning; unforgettable, imaginative, people can not bear to leave. An outstanding store can even give people enthusiasm for consumption and become a city attraction. If the building of our entertainment venue can become the landmark of our city, it is certainly best. However, most of our entertainment venues cannot do this. How to give the guests a memorable and unforgettable first look is the ingenuity of the shop decoration. In the case where the shop is not wide in front of the store, people's perspective is not easy to observe the high-level part of the store, so the store decoration is less than 15 meters is the key. Not only do you want to look good during the day, but you must look better at night. In general, it is the peak time for guests to spend at night. The daytime looks good mainly at colors and shapes, while at night it looks mainly at lights. Of course, after this beautiful first look, there must be support for other parts of the entertainment venue. Otherwise, it will be extravagant and indecisive, which will have the opposite effect.

Third, to the store decorated a market position.

The business of a casino is good or bad, and it has a direct relationship with the design. A good design is one of the most effective, lasting, and cheapest ads. What is a good design? It is gentle and elegant, or magnificent; it is warm and romantic, or enchanting, this is to determine the location of the store's market and market. For example, Huayuan Hotel is located in the center of the city. Due to the small urban area of Xiantao City, the source of tourists outside the city is not sufficient, and it is necessary to take care of the two market sources outside the city. In general, the source market is outside the city, and the source market for catering and entertainment is in the city. The current scale of catering in the society has spurred on the catering business, which has taken away many catering businesses in entertainment venues and has caused headaches for colleagues in the entertainment venues. The Huayuan entertainment venues catering business has always been in a leading position in this city, which in addition to the corresponding size and characteristics, a large number of 6,000 square meters of entertainment projects also provide strong support for catering and guest rooms to win customers. In line with the business philosophy of “making Xiantao better and sharing happiness with the public”, the hotel has to get a lamp every day, and the jargon calls it “the hotel looks like New Year.” On the New Year's Day, we will also perform a square in front of the shop, a parade in the square, and a fireworks display. The popularity of the hotel is usually very high. At this time, it is a sea of people. It is as good as a temple fair. Some people say that this is not like a hotel, but this is precisely the characteristics and advantages of Huayuan. In order to make this advantage more fully reflected, Huayuan Hotel made a “recreational hotel” market positioning for its new storefront in 2001. With white as the background color, a large area of the use of red and green, and a large number of lights pre-set in the shape of the building, doing a very fancy and lively.