Foot Bath Sofa Standard

- May 26, 2018-

The quality of a good quality footbath sofa is not just appearance, but it is actually more important. A good set of foot bath sofas must be framed with square pegwood and side panels. Of course, the wooden shelf hidden in the sofa is not to see, we can use the sofa to lift the weight of the hand, if it is using the packaging board, nailed into the sofa with a light weight, solid wood frame is relatively heavy.

  Foot bath sofa sponge is also very particular about. Sofa cushions are usually made with sponges and springs to increase flexibility. With this method of manufacture, the sofa is prone to problems and emits unpleasant noise when sitting on the sofa. Most of the sofas using sponges as fillers nowadays use fillers made of high-density sponges, which have good elasticity and are not easily deformed.

Followed by the foot bath sofa frame, the sofa's frame is generally used solid wood. A good quality footbath sofa has a very high demand for wood selection. Wet wood, before it is completely dry, wood is used to make furniture. If you rely on a sofa made of moist, solid wood, you can feel the movement of the structure. Dry wood, no change in structure or movement, it is worth mentioning that a solid wood usually takes 5 to 8 years to completely dry. Therefore, in addition to the foot-soak sofas that are dedicated to excellence in quality, it is very rare to use real 100% dry solid wood foot recliners.