Five Elements Of A Pedicure Store Site To Help You Open A Pedicure Shop

- Jun 04, 2018-

Foot health care is a new and booming industry. Choosing a location as a professional foot spa shop is a very important issue. There was a saying called “The key to the success of the foot spa is three conditions: site selection, location selection, or site selection. The location of the foot spa is similar to that of a beauty salon, such as large residential quarters, office buildings, and densely populated roads. More appropriate, the higher the store's vitality is, the more the footbath's shuffling process is mainly to eliminate a group of poorly equipped and poorly-hygiene street-side footbaths, which will be replaced by a professional foot bath shop with sophisticated environment, advanced facilities and mature and unique techniques. , Even on the scale of chain operations, the following Xiaobian will analyze the top five considerations for the location of the foot spa:

First, the analysis of the results of the survey.

It is true that the flow of people is an important factor in determining the store, but understanding the target of the flow of customers is the more important task. What is the effective traffic volume of the store? For example, the Yuyuan Garden Mall in Shanghai is a commercial area integrating gardens, temples, and markets. The daily passenger flow is several hundred thousand or more. However, most of the passenger flow is tourism, not buying, and the consumption target is tourism and catering. If you choose to open nearly 10,000 square meters of large department stores here, it is certainly not enough. You should make a decision after predicting the expected purchase volume of an effective passenger flow.

Second, the analysis of competitors.

   The analysis of competitors can be divided into two forms: industry competition and off-line competition. With the intensified market competition, in order to attract more customer groups and provide customers with one-stop services, it is often seen that many foot spa shops have chess, cards, tea, bathing, steaming, and some restaurants and storefronts. Irrelevant phenomenon, this phenomenon is called predatory sales. This way not only can attract more consumers, but also effectively reduce the cost of the store. In the face of these market competitions from all aspects, an intruder as a market should have sufficient preparations to calculate the remaining market share in a reasonable and accurate manner in order to establish the operational orientation of its own stores.

Third, geographical location.

  Because customers always choose the convenience of the store's address, the proximity of the store is an important factor in the store's location. It is necessary to correctly judge the habitual walking routes of customers in the shopping district, occupy the favorable position first, and prepare for the success of the store.

Fourth, the cost of accounting.

  It is believed that I do not have to say more about the accounting of the cost of foot treatment stores. But one thing should be noted: The success of chain stores lies in the use of the marginal benefits of economies of scale. If you want to open two or more foot spa stores, the distance between stores is very close (in case you don't affect the amount of each other), you can save a considerable amount of money, because two stores can share a manager, delivery of goods, etc. All convenient

V. Traffic conditions.

   Before a large foot spa shop decides to lease, the usual practice is to negotiate with the local area for a new transportation route. If the door of a foot massage shop is easily seen at a distance or at least by car, the advantage of it as a siting site will be enhanced. The obvious store sign is actually an advertisement that allows people to stop by impulse. A store with a narrow road, one-way street, and even traffic jams on the street, I believe there will be no customers willing to visit the door frequently.

Select the address of the foot spa shop, choose a suitable product cost-effective foot sofa company as a designated manufacturer, to gradually expand the development and management. The comfortable and healthy foot sofa is also an integral part.