Feng Shui Articles On Sofa

- Jun 15, 2018-

The sofa is a piece of furniture used in the living room for daily rest, chat, and meeting. It occupies a very important position. The placement of the sofa has the following requirements:

1, the number of sets are particular about: the shape of the sofa is divided into single sofa, two-seat sofa, long-shaped sofa and the shape of a ruler, a round sofa, etc. In terms of materials, also divided into leather sofa, cloth sofa, sofa and traditional acid Teng sofa Branch chairs, etc., in color and shape, it is a variety of tricks. The number of sets of sofas in the living room is stressful, and one set of half is not allowed, or two sets of sofas are used in combination.

The sofa must be placed in the house of Kyrgyzstan: The sofa is the focus of the family because it is a daily sitting and sleeping place. If it is placed in the auspicious direction, the family, the young and the old, can contaminate this location and make the family well-being. However, if the wrong direction is placed in the wrong direction, the young and old will suffer and their families will suffer.

For East Four-Family, the sofas should be placed in the four auspicious directions of the living room: the east, southeast, south and north. For West Fourth House, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious locations of the southwest, west, northwest and northeast of the living room. If it is carefully divided, although it is the same as Dongsizhai, there are points of sitting east, sitting southeast, sitting south, and taking the north; and the same is the West Sizhai, but there are points of sitting southwest, sitting west, sitting northwest and sitting northeast. .

2, the sofa should have the back: the so-called rely on, that is, backing, refers to the sofa behind a solid wall, no worries, so that it is in line with Feng Shui. The chairs used in the court in the court of the past were all made of natural marble as their backs, and the patterns on them were better than those with hidden mountain views. This is the truth.

If the sofa is behind windows, doors and passages, and no solid wall is reliable, then it would mean that there is no backing behind it, and it is an empty one. It is a bureau of exile, and it is difficult for Wang Ding to make a fortune.

And from a psychological point of view, the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. The predecessors have said that they “looking at the six roads and hearing all directions”. Because the latter two roads could not be observed, if the back of the sofa is the gate or channel, but also to worry about behind the attack, it would be better to sit back and rely on solid walls to get peace of mind.

To take a step back, if there is indeed no solid wall behind the sofa, an effective alternative is to place a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa. This can be called "man-made support" and it will also serve as a remedy.

However, it must be noted that there should be no water behind the sofa. Placing the fish tank on the back of the sofa is a feng shui taboo. Similarly, it is not appropriate to place fish tanks, Feng Shui Wheels and other decorative displays on the low cabinet behind the sofa. Of course, if there is no sofa on the back, it will be beneficial if evergreen plants are used to fill the space behind it.

3, sofa must avoid cross beam pressure top: bed with cross beam pressure, the victim is just one or two people sleeping on the bed, but if there is a beam on the top of the sofa, the impact is a family size, a great impact, it must be avoided. If you really want to avoid it, you can put two pots of bamboo on the coffee table on both sides of the sofa, to continue to grow upward, step by step to promote the delivery of bamboo to bear the top pressure beam.

4, the sofa and the door do not hedge: if the sofa and the gate in a straight line, called "hedge" in feng shui, the disadvantages are quite large, it will lead to the loss of family members, wealth scattered Quartet. In this case, it is best to remove the sofa so as not to run against the door. If there is nowhere else to move, then there will be a screen between the two, so that the gas flowing from the gate into the house It won't go straight to the sofa, and the family will not be rushed to get together. The sofa does not cause any problems if it is directed towards the door. It is not necessary to avoid it by left-handedness and avoid placing screens.

5, the sofa should be placed should not bend the straight: the important position of the sofa in the living room, like the country's main port, must be able to receive water as much as possible before they can thrive. The excellent port must have curved outposts on both sides of the port, shaped like U-letters in the English alphabet. The curved outposts are like arms around the two arms, and the central depression is where the feng shui is located. Qi, in order to achieve Ding Caiwangwang.

The furnishings of the sofa should also be the same as those of the advanced harbor. If the sofa is in a straight line, it will be like a broken arm, and it will be difficult to accomplish.

Although some ports lack one arm, they can't support the left and right hands, but as long as there is a bend in the place where the water goes, they hold back against the water, that is, feng shui learns to call it “Shangguan Sand” and it can also make Ding fortune.

If the sofa is not limited by the environment, then the sofa can't be protected by the arm. Then, you can ask for the second, set another sofa at the water level, and make your own “Shimonoseki sand” to welcome the water flowing in from the gate to form a water gathering situation. Also in line with feng shui. Some homes have their doors facing the corners of the balconies. In addition to setting entrances, it is even more necessary to place “Shangguan Sand” at the water entrance to welcome incoming water, so as to avoid leakage of water flowing through the gate.

6, the sofa should not have a direct light on the top: sometimes the sofa range of light is weak, many people will install lighting on the top of the sofa, such as the ceiling light hidden in the ceiling or exposed spotlights, etc., because too close to the sofa, Often formed directly from the top of the head, this is contrary to the feng shui path, it should be avoided. And from the perspective of environmental design, there is direct light on the top of the sofa, which can often make you nervous, dizzy, and restless. If you change the light to the wall, you can ease it slightly.

7, behind the sofa should not have a mirror behind the brain: Some people in order to make the living room seem more spacious and transparent, they will hang mirrors on the wall. In fact, in feng shui, mirrors are not reflective because they are reflective.

There should not be a big mirror behind the sofa. People sit on the sofa. The other person can clearly see the back of the occupant's head from the mirror. It would be awful. This will lead to loss of soul, distraction and mental restlessness. And if the mirror is in the side and not in the back, the back of the head will not reflect it from the mirror.