Environmental Transformation

- Jan 19, 2018-

       Between 2016 and 2017 , many furniture enterprises had moved away because of environmental reasons such as pollutant emission . Going into 2018 , furnture enterprises shall be aware that it will be useless to migrate anywhere if the environmental problems can be solved . Environmental protection tax law , China's first single-line tax law specifically reflects the "green tax system" , will implement from 01/01/2018 , which has become a new tax in China. For furniture enterprises , environmental protection will not be avoided any longer by running away .

       Now that moving dosn'nt contribute to environmental issues , We must do a good job in reducing emissions . In fact , the relocation of furniture enterprises in Beijing is not simply to enlarge the scale of production, but to transform and upgrade on the basis of green environmental protection, and move forward to the environment-friendly enterprises. As far as journalist knows , many enterprises from Beijing settling in  field industrial park, have improved production technology and environmental protection greatly . some gradually form large-scale industrial cluster and enterprise group, not only improves the industry scale and productivity, also can greatly improve the environmental emissions standards.

        At present, furniture manufacturing has become the fourth largest consumer goods industry after housing, automobile and food. However, with the rapid development of furniture industry and as the fourth largest consumer goods industry , furniture manufacturing industry pollutants is given priority to  spraying process of VOCs .  Obviously,  as a lagrest emitter of  VOC , furniture manufacturing also face a very arduous task of pollution treatment.