Don't Sit For A Long Time And Watch TV On Your TV Sofa

- May 31, 2018-

Sitting on a sofa with a TV watching TV is actually a very pleasant thing, but sitting for a long time will have great harm to the body, these maybe you do not know? The idioms of a certain idiom must be reflected here.

    Most young people now love to watch TV. In particular, the current popular drama is even more popular, with several cascades. But at night you can't watch too late and sleep too late. Do not lie on the TV sofa ( until you see “Good Night” before you wash and sleep. This can easily lead to reduced sleep quality and even insomnia. It is best to take a hot shower before going to sleep, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep. If you do not have the condition to take a hot shower, you must wash your feet with hot water, soak for more time, but also can promote nerve relaxation and promote sleep.

According to the “Indo Times” report, a new study found that watching television for a long time while lying on the couch can lead to a doubling of the risk of thrombosis in the lungs. The sedentary lifestyle is another major cause of venous thrombosis. During the 18-year study period, 268 participants were diagnosed with pulmonary thrombosis. Further analysis found that participants who sat on (or lying on) the sofa for 41 hours per week after work hours were twice as likely to suffer from pulmonary thrombosis than those who took less than 10 hours per week after work only. .

  Therefore, we try not to sit for a long time while watching TV on a television couch. Occasionally, we will have a healthier body when we are active.