Does Office Furniture Have The Same Shelf Life As Food?

- Jul 19, 2018-

Some investigators found in the office furniture survey that many people believe that as long as the household products are not broken, they can be used all the time. Some people also said that they are not comfortable with the use of old office furniture, but most of them feel that over-age office furniture is not as dangerous as used TV sets and gas stoves, so it will take a long time to use.

How long is the shelf life of office furniture? There are not many people who pay attention to this issue. Whether it is office furniture manufacturers, distributors or consumers, most of the warranty period for office furniture is known, but little is known about its shelf life.

The shelf life of the product refers to the quality assurance period of the product under normal conditions. The shelf life of the product is provided by the manufacturer and is marked on the product used for a limited time. During the warranty period, the manufacturer of the product is responsible for the quality of the product in accordance with the relevant standards or express guarantees. Sellers can safely sell these products and consumers can use them safely. From this point of view, the shelf life does not only exist in the field of daily necessities such as food. In fact, office furniture also has a certain useful life. However, because many of the office furniture are large and durable products, its shelf life has been neglected.

In addition to the warranty period, office furniture also has a shelf life. Generally, the shelf life of plates, paints and glues is about 5 years. After the shelf life, the use of these products will be significantly distorted.

Since many people do not understand the concept of shelf life for office furniture products, and fall into the misunderstanding of “useful homes can be replaced if they are too wasteful”, scrapped office furniture that exceeds the service life is still being used. In fact, from the perspective of human health, many office furniture products are harmful to the human body if they exceed the service life.