Differences Between Waxing And Painting On Solid Wood Furniture

- Dec 28, 2017-

Waxing is a classic art inherited from China. Before the ancient Chinese classic old furniture, are used in the waxing process. National Palace Museum, Fu Fu Museum of furniture are waxing process. Waxing practice is very difficult, not only the complexity of the program, the need to spend sanding sandpaper over and over again, but also requires the density and delicate wood, ordinary wood, such as elm, ash, maple, etc. Are almost thirty or forty years to become ready, polished and then fine, the wood surface will have thorns, will tie, so like this wood must be painted; and like more than two or three hundred years of timber, pear, Rosewood and other high-grade hardwood, can we wax the craft, and this good wood only waxed craft to reflect its value, the waxed furniture did not seal the wood "pores", it will absorb grease , The more the more bright, **** is the point of the waxed furniture, even if cracked or broken, can be completely repaired, and the more repair the better.

Lacquered, is a process from the West, painted furniture looks very luxurious, but with a long time, the surface of the varnish will become darker, and the painting process is relatively simple, just a simple grinding Yes, covered with thick paint, will cover the original defects of wood, but this kind of furniture will not be environmentally friendly, furniture such as European-style furniture, furniture and other lines out of the use of lacquer painting process, but now the market A lot of solid wood furniture and even mahogany furniture have been used lacquering process, not only to create a luxurious feeling, and what the wood used in the end, the use may be sapwood may also be other wood, on the thick After the paint can not see, and sooner or later painted furniture will fall paint, is commonly known as "shelling", after cracking difficult to repair.