Detailed Sofa Size

- Jun 15, 2018-

Because of the variety of styles and styles of sofas, it is difficult to have an absolute size standard, only some conventional general sizes.

The armrests of the sofa are generally 560-600mm high

Single type: length: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; height: 350-420mm; back height: 700-900mm

Double type: length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm

Three-person type: Length: 1750-1960mm; Depth: 800-900mm

Four-person style: length: 2320-2520mm; depth 800-900mm

Here you need to pay attention to: Generally imported sofas or European-style sofas, classical sofas, and American-style sofas are all relatively atmospheric and take up a lot of space. If they are placed in the living room of a small unit, they often make the living room look more narrow.