Customer Experience Is Too Casual , IKEA Store Changes To Rest Area

- Aug 13, 2018-

During the summer vacation, major shopping malls have become the preferred place for parents to take their children to cool off. However, sleeping in the bed display area, sitting on the sofa or chair sitting cross-legged, and not moving for a long time, this phenomenon occurs in the IKEA store every day.

Too much like it, not only let the children sleep and rest in the beds or sofas displayed in the mall, but some parents also take off their shoes and sleep on them, taking the mall as their own home. A few days ago, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Hexi District, Tianjin, called the newspaper's news hotline to report that he and his family went to the IKEA store. "Because there are big discounts on weekends, there are more customers who come to buy things." Mr. Zhao said that he was in the sofa display area and saw some children and parents sitting off the shoes and sitting on the top of the sofa for a long time. In the bed display area, this phenomenon is more serious, not only the children sleeping on the bed. There are also parents who cover the quilt and sleep with them. "The shopping mall is everyone's public resource, not a personal private place. I hope that the mall can arrange personnel to manage it. "Mr. Zhao finally added.

According to the clue provided by Mr. Zhao, the IKEA store in Dongli District, Tianjin, is hanged with signs of big price reduction everywhere. In the sofa area reporters, five or six customers with children sit on three or four different sofas, some are sitting with children, some are standing next to children, some are sitting cross-legged, and will be trolleys. Stop by and chat leisurely. About ten minutes passed, and they didn't have to leave. In front of the area where wooden chairs are sold, there are two rows of wooden chairs for display. Four or five parents with children sit on the rest, some are sitting in chairs and watching mobile phones, some are for children to sit on, parents are on the side. Shake the chair, and sit in the chair and sleep.

In a showroom displaying bedroom furniture, a middle-aged woman sits on the edge of a bed, lying on the bed with a sleeping girl, covered with a quilt on the bed, and she seems to have slept. It has been a long time. In the adjacent bed display area, a middle-aged woman sits barefoot on the bedside of a bed, next to a sleeping child. Next to a bunk bed on a wooden bed, a man was lying barefoot on the lower bunk and looking at the phone. On the two beds not far away, a little boy was lying barefoot on the bed, a middle-aged woman lying on the bed with bare feet and sleeping, covered with quilts on the bed.

The reporter contacted Zhang Manager of the Public Relations Department of Tianjin IKEA Shopping Mall. Manager Zhang told the reporter that they always adhered to the business philosophy of “creating a beautiful daily life for the public” and encouraged consumers to personally experience IKEA household items. However, some behaviors that affect others' shopping, inconvenience to others, or other uncivilized behaviors have also been discovered. They have already guided consumers to civilized shopping through in-store broadcasting, text communication, and face-to-face reminders of staff. However, because there are not many coercive measures and more fears of causing the squabble, it is still hoped that the citizens who come to shop and experience can improve their own quality and consider other consumers.