Correctly Distinguish The Definition Of Foot Bath And Foot Treatment

- May 30, 2018-

The so-called foot bath refers to the use of warm water in the home or adding some health-care medicinal herbs in warm water. Simply speaking, it is not much different from foot bathing. Foot massage, also known as foot massage, is the use of traditional Chinese medicine principles, non-invasive natural therapies that integrate examination, treatment, and care.

Thousands of miles begins with "beginning with a single step," "having a child with a child's face, and walking with lightness," all of which illustrate the need for foot health. Both feet play a very important role in one's life, and foot care is passed through the feet. Points and reflex zones are massaged in a way that stimulates the reflex zones of the feet to adjust the viscera and viscera to reach the bones, cool down the wind, regulate the qi and blood, strengthen the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, and eliminate sub-health conditions. Strengthens the body's resistance and the efficacy of preventing and treating certain diseases.You can promote health without taking medicine by taking shots.Although it is not a sport, "foot" can replace the deficiency of exercise. In the traditional therapeutics that promote health, foot treatment (www Health care is the simplest, safest and most effective health care method.

    A foot bath can increase body temperature, promote blood flow in peripheral blood vessels, and reduce the burden on the heart. In fact, the benefits of foot baths are not just that. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are reflex zones and numerous acupuncture points on the feet. When people use hot water in the foot bath, they stimulate the acupuncture points and reflex zones, promote blood circulation in the feet and even the whole body, thereby accelerating the metabolism of the body and mediating the whole body. effect. For example, we are familiar with the Yongquan and Taichong points stimulated by warmth, it can play a role in raising the liver and protect the liver. If you stimulate the large intestine reflex zone of the soles of the feet, you can also have a laxative effect. In addition, foot baths speed up blood circulation and cause people to sweat, not only to relieve fatigue but also to excrete certain toxins with sweat.

    The foot technique and grade, the higher the skill of the footrest technicians, the higher the skill of the footrest technicians. He (she)s are more skilled in their technique and they are more comfortable to press. The requirements for low foot spas are not very high, and the technicians' skills are not as good as they should be, but the price is relatively low. There are many kinds of foot treatments, and it also includes other items such as: scraping, cupping, Chinese style, Thai style, etc. Prices vary.