Cloth Sofa Production Process And Purchase Common Sense

- Jun 06, 2018-

Fabric sofas have a variety of colors and vivid designs, coupled with soft comfort, more and more popular for the public. If you just moved a new home and replaced the new furniture, then a sofa with a fabric is a good choice. . Wandering around the major furniture stores, there are a lot of fabric sofas. Perhaps because there are too many styles to choose from, they can only take a short look.

Fabric sofas are generally the same in the production process. The first to take the sofa frame substrate, usually wood, such as birch, into the steam room high temperature pest treatment, drying can be used. Then you can make a sofa frame, nail the wood nails, similar to the skeleton, and play a role. And then on the seat with a bandage spring, and then select the sponge, cut and press on the contact surface of the frame, mainly refers to the seat face and armrest surface, etc., and then select the desired fabric, after cutting, according to the sofa size seam System, installation zipper bristles, etc., after a good job, you can put on the use of the. The bottom of the sofa also needs to be closed with a non-woven fabric. Seat cushions can be made as a whole, or they can be separated separately.

     In the purchase of fabric sofas, the intrinsic quality of the sofa is a part that cannot be ignored. It depends on the quality. If you sit alone, pressing a pressure is difficult to judge the merits of the sofa. The only way is to take a look inside. For some sofas that are not all-encompassed on the lower part, you can turn over and check the quality of the springs, plates, and sponges used to determine the quality of the sofa. For good sofas, internal springs require rust prevention. Wood used requires planing and no scars.