China’s Furniture Production Is Huge And It Has Reached The Door Of Innovation

- Jun 20, 2018-

When you hear about innovation, it is robots, semiconductors, AI… Innovation in high-level precision is important, but it is impossible for everyone to engage in sophisticated innovation. I think that more than 99% of people can’t make it. That’s just less than 1% of people in the whole society to innovate. Brooke said: “Innovation does not necessarily require high technology, and innovation can still be carried out in traditional industries.” Three-quarters of innovative companies in the United States come from traditional industries, and only one quarter come from the technology industry. I think that innovation must be socialized. The more people participate in it, the better. The more industries involved, the better. Do not describe innovation as so mysterious. The earliest source of management came from the fact that children were born more often, how to bathe the children most effectively, and how to use the most effective method to build bricks. And so on.

Are these not innovations? No value? Management is a collection of innovations from these bits and pieces. Is the value of high-precision innovation valuable? Traditional industries do not have to innovate? Traditional industry innovation has no value? I don’t think so. The

The German made the best of a screw and a gear; the Japanese made a miniature bearing in the world. Traditional enterprises of these sizes can even influence the world. Many key equipment, without these German screw gears, could not operate. Even the US space shuttle and Japan’s miniature bearings could not be used for days. The

China’s furniture industry innovation is a weak link

Back to the furniture industry. China’s furniture industry is very large and may be the largest in the world. However, from the production equipment, production processes, processes, materials… Which is our innovation? Like the electronics industry, basic industries are not engaged. We only engage in applications. This is based on the foundation of others, and the applications are quick and profitable. Who wants to engage in basic R&D? The chance of failure is high and it is slow. The

The furniture industry has followed a wave of movements – marketing campaigns (the Chinese seem to like sports very much). What solid wood, all solid wood, pure wood … and then custom, whole house custom. Which is the same basic R&D? No. The current customization is actually a plate production line, plus some numerical control devices, plus data collection and distribution. Europe, the United States, and Japan did not know how many years they had been engaged. When they came to China, they became industrial 4.0 and were blown to heaven. Nowadays, many orders for the so-called “home ownership customization” have finally fallen into some “back lane factories”, which are undertaken by small workshops. Materials and workmanship are very poor. The

China’s custom furniture rises due to various reasons

The initial period of real estate development was very extensive, and rough rooms appeared. Therefore, in addition to renovation, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes were also required. Then bought a house and couldn’t live in for six months. The real estate industry has gradually normalized, with the introduction of fine-furnished rooms, and fixed furniture such as cabinets are all in place, leaving only room for mobile furniture. The

The business of cabinets will be switched to B2B, and only large companies will cooperate with developers. Of course, there are old home renovations, left to small custom companies. China is a big country. This kind of business will not be small, so custom furniture, whether it is B2B, B2C, will exist, but will gradually reduce the composition of flicker guests. The storage function, many people are willing to purchase customized furniture, because the old feeling is not enough storage function, things are not received. This is because:

The habits left behind by the agricultural society, the useless things are reluctant to throw away, especially the elderly, and everything is closed. Recently, the Japanese have advocated breaking away from home. In fact, this is a manifestation of modern society. The fewer things the family has, the better, and the less clothes the better. I think young people in China will be like this in the future. When you carefully study the daily life of consumers, you will find that the problem of storage is not to store, but to find. According to statistics, at least 10% of our lives are wasted on finding things, so the more storage cabinets, the harder it is to find things.

The family’s focus is on where to store and where to store it. For example, a bed can be made up of a box bed, and the box is divided into four compartments for storage of bed linen for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In fact, there are 2-3 grids is enough, a set is in use, a style of spring and autumn, winter and summer, one by one, change the season to open the bed board, things are there, do not have to find.

However, keeping up with the trend of sports, customized furniture, and custom-made sports in the whole house is the fire. Everyone is ardent and passionate about making money, what kind of fiber board, particle board, water paint, light paint, numerical control production line, etc., basic research and development of such a type, even the process flow are things that have been in Europe and America for several hundred years. What innovations have we had for decades?

Those companies that have caught up with the good times and whose market demand is greater than the supply era have made a lot of money and companies have grown bigger, but most of them are not strong. Most of the innovations in business history have been achieved by new foreign forces. These so-called new foreign forces are: not necessarily the industry; they must be small businesses. The

China’s furniture industry ushered in the stage of “scientific and technological innovation”

In the 30-40 years since the reform and opening up, the furniture industry has vigorously introduced advanced technologies. We basically achieved the introduction of large-scale production and automation technology. Even some factories (especially plate production lines) have already established a high-tech, large-scale production system. This has laid the foundation for the next stage of technological innovation. However, we do not encourage everyone to step into the next stage and innovate in production equipment, process flow, production management, and so on. Instead, we turn to look at the designs of some European countries that are declining. The

Design is a product of social culture. How do we learn from others? Our design should be based on our soil, our culture, and our society. Our design should be combined with our innovative processes, processes, equipment, and more. Re-emphasize that today’s design, in addition to serving our social culture and life, has to cooperate with our innovation in all aspects of production.