Bathing Center Design And Decoration Need To Pay Attention To What Issues

- May 29, 2018-

The Bath Center Lounge is a place where guests can rest after taking a bath. It is also a transitional space connecting the massage room, gym, beauty salon and dining space. The main furniture in the lounge is a bath sofa and a coffee table, and a bar should be set at one end of the hall. The main function of the bath center lounge bar is to provide snacks and drinks, and it is also where the attendant provides guidance, answers to guest questions, and provides related services. The area of the lounge can be calculated according to the rest of the guests 4. 5-6. 5m2-. First, if the reception hall is located in the middle of a floor, it should be connected to the elevator hall and the stairwell of the bathing center so that it is convenient for the customer to go to the upper and lower floors; if it is located on the ground floor, then the reception hall should be close to the entrance of the bath center design, because most of the customers come from outdoor. The main function of the bathhouse ( center design reception hall is to meet customers, settle and store customer items, so leisure chairs, counters and background image walls should be provided. For men's and women's customers entering the bathing space, measures should be taken to avoid visual interference, and there should be a certain distance between the men's and women's entrances, but the procedures can be handled within the reception hall.

  The design of the reception hall should be artistic and reflect the characteristics of leisure; the design of the rest hall should be warm, elegant and soft. The design of the massage room should reflect a variety of styles. Each room cannot be stereotyped, giving each guest different psychological feelings. The locker room should be provided with sufficient lockers according to the size and size. Each locker should be provided with two parts: a storage place and a shoe storage place; each room in the shower room should be isolated and equipped with a hot and cold double nozzle and a shower curtain. The sauna light should be soft. The top of pool area should adopt waterproof type energy-saving down light, protection class is IPX4, dry steam room, wet steam room is high humidity place, protection level should reach IPX5. Line should use flame-retardant polyethylene insulated wire, wear metal pipe ceiling Laying inside. The ventilation of the sauna is very important. The quality of the sauna is directly related to the effect of the sauna until the safety of the customer. Therefore, the air-conditioning system of the sauna must be perfect and operate normally to ensure that the bathroom is always at normal temperature and humidity.

   In fact, there are many aspects that can add design effect to the application of the bath center design. As long as careful observation can be found, good decoration design comes from the treatment of each detail.