Bath Center Lounge Lobby Sofa (with TV) Installation Configuration Instructions

- May 22, 2018-

The configuration of the bath center lounge hall sofa (with TV) includes: electric sofa, TV, coffee table, TV stand and control panel. The required materials for installation include: 3.5m double-ended power cord, 3.5m audio cable, 3.5m dual-fault signal cable, 4m spring data cable, service lights, etc. Xuanyi Furniture introduces the specific parameters such as the supporting television, control panel, and bracket, etc., and the requirements for installing the electric power base with TV bath center lounge lobby sofa.

First, TV (LCD screen)

1, industrial screen: Sanyo \ Mitsubishi

Mainly used in military, industrial control, medical, communications, finance, security, monitoring and instrumentation and other fields.

Product features: Wide temperature design, green LCD, low EMI, anti-interference, FFD technology, NCM technology, long-life lamp, wide viewing angle design, ultra-high brightness design, visible sunlight, high-definition semi-transmission technology

(1) High brightness (up to 1000 to 1500 brightness)

The effect of the image is very clear, the color level is strong, and it is not affected by the visibility of external light. Cases of domestic mobile phones in bright light mobile phone screen is not clear. Effectively prevent the screen image from getting dark due to the aging of the LCD screen.

(2) Strong anti-shake

In the course of use, guests often shake the stand and the TV, so the requirement for the LCD screen needs good anti-shake.

(3), high and low temperature resistance (-20 to 70 degrees)

TVs in sauna recreation places use more than ten hours per day, which causes high temperatures and accelerates the aging of LCD screens. Industrial screens are specially designed for use in high and low temperature environments, and are not prone to problems and ensure the screen lifetime.

(4) Full view (high resolution, wide viewing angle)

(Industrial screens are as clear at any angle of view, as guests often turn the TV to change the viewing angle, which may give viewing angles to the ordinary screen.)


2, function

(1) Boot LOGO Beautiful promotional effect.

(2) Channel encryption lock: I prevents guests from disturbing the channel, because many places still have a program schedule to facilitate the selection of TV channels. II If the channel is chaotic, the workload of the attendant increases, because it often happens that when the guest wants to see a station, the channel cannot be found, and the waiter is surely helped to find the station. This inevitably increases the workload. When the III signal is not effective, it is convenient for electricians to repair. Because a station is not effective, it can quickly find channels on other TVs for comparison. It is a problem of a single signal or an overall signal source. If one channel is found one by one , It is estimated that the workload will be amazing

(3) Hotel functions: 1. Default volume setting: The default volume refers to the best volume effect that most of the guests need to watch TV normally. However, some guests may feel that the volume is not loud enough or too large. They will automatically Adjust to your own desired volume, once the adjustment is very big or very small, wait for the next guest to come and turn on the TV, if our TV does not have such a function to automatically restore the default volume, guests may turn on the TV too loud Affect guests' mood. 2, the maximum volume settings: different places can be set according to their own indoor facilities and environment to set the maximum volume of the TV, such as the thick sponge sofa, which are the main factors affecting the volume.

(4) Wire:

1TV line: dual frequency closed copper core TV head, length 10 meters

2 audio cable 10 meters (usually only 3.5 meters), because the speaker and the line must be connected to the sofa, in order to increase the stereo, sound quality is good, but also very beautiful

3 Power: Use 4 amps (usually 15 amps with 3 amps is sufficient, but for more stability, high brightness and more durable, with 4 ampere, so that the voltage of the loss of three meters will not affect the TV powered by)

4 wear pipe 3 meter: 3 meters of the general brand only have one side, they will cut through the bracket and then pick up, in the course of use is more dangerous, easy to leakage, so we have specially made the two sides of the line to prevent leakage and easy Threading

5 嗽 : :: I. The normal horn is a large magnet. It is not easy to dissipate the heat in the sofa. It is easy to burn, and only the midrange and treble, and we are full-tone, we use a special small speaker for the sofa. II, there is a vent on the horn, dedicated to the bass

Second, the stent

1. Material

   (1), impervious to steel, iron: The details on the bracket are all taken into consideration, especially in the corners and round places, the force is better, because sometimes the guests will stand up and pull the bracket. There is a cover like the top of the stand, the first is for beauty, and the other is to prevent guests from scratching.

   (2), process: I, ordinary shelves are spray paint, paint, and the above bracket is a powder paint, so not easy to fade, feel good, grades appear high. II, we can also customize the base according to the requirements (especially sofa requirements)

Third, the controller (control panel)

       Function: control TV, sofa, pager

       The keys are simple, reasonable, and powered directly from the TV, without batteries. LED backlight display.

       Wireless transmission and wired transmission dual function.


IV. Installation of Bath Lounge Hall Sofa LCD TV Infrastructure Requirements

1, TV power supply

   1, power consumption; each 15 inch LCD TV power 35W.

   2, socket; GB three flat plug for two TV use

   3, socket location; bottom of the coffee table

2. TV signal

   1, TV signal strength requirements; signal value is 70DB,

   2. TV signal TV line position; placed at the bottom of the coffee table for two TVs

3, television signal TV line connection program

   1. The connection method between the signal source TV line and the bracket TV line: a. Use the splitter directly for two points, and the two TVs respectively receive one port. b. Directly make the F line of the TV line and install the straight through.

    2, TV line connection F heads are made in English

4, bracket

   1, need to determine the direction of the installation

   2. Accurately open the threaded hole for the sofa-mounted bracket. Provide the base sample to the sofa factory in advance.

   Tips: During the installation of the television in the bath lounge hall, it is necessary to ensure that the television has been powered on and that the television signal has been connected to ensure smooth installation and commissioning.