Amazon Will Stop Selling Google Nest Products

- Mar 30, 2018-

On March 5, according to foreign media reports, Amazon or will stop selling Google's smart home brand Nest products, so that the already uneven road between Amazon and Google products will become even more rugged.

According to reports from foreign media on Friday, at the end of last year, Amazon had informed Nest that they would no longer be on the shelves of Nest's new products, including smart thermostats and other equipment.

Google declined to comment on this news, Google did not respond to this news. However, there are reports that Google Nest has decided to stop selling its products on the Amazon platform.

Amazon just stops selling Nest devices within its own products, but third-party sellers on the platform can still sell Nest products. Previously, Amazon had stopped selling Google products such as Chromecast and Home smart speakers, because the two products formed direct competition on Amazon's Fire TV and Echo smart speakers, respectively.

Last week, Amazon acquired the smart home equipment maker Ring, and the company has also been working hard to develop other home security devices, such as Cloud Cam. In the future, Amazon will definitely compete more fiercely with Google in the smart home area.

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