Easy Home Creates High-end Children's Playgrounds For Playing Cross-Border

- Apr 07, 2018-

Beijing Guoranzhijia Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. announced that the Group's meticulously crafted high-end children's playground, The Lele Children's Theme Park, has been officially opened at the House of Wonders in the business district of Beijing's Lize District. At this point, the home was successfully completed in the import of food supermarkets, theaters, restaurants, children's entertainment, sports and fitness, home care, digital intelligence and other major consumer areas.

Industry sources told reporters that the current home market competition is unprecedentedly fierce, accompanied by the gradual reduction of upstream brand resources, home shopping mall investment, business there is no small pressure, large consumption is becoming a new battle point for home stores. The experience-based format can not only fill the shortage of space in the stores, ease the pressure of business investment, but also become a tool for home stores to attract consumers.

The industry generally believes that among the many competitors, the actual home of 13 billion yuan strategic investment such as Alibaba Group and Taikang Group will be even more “surprising”.

The opening of the Lele Children’s Theme Park is an important step for the transformation of the home from large home to large consumer. The park was built by Beijing Yixing Children's Cultural Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the home, and invested in 30 million yuan. It has built 19 amusement projects such as small trains, express trains, pirate ships, and multimedia ball pools. It is the largest amusement park in the southwest of Beijing. .

Actually, Wang Linpeng, chairman of the House, told the Economic Daily that under the influence of the Internet, the entity business in the future must be cross-border. "Today we don't take the initiative to 'cross' other people, and tomorrow others will take the initiative to 'cross' us, regardless of this trend. It is already evident whether it is online or offline."

At the same time, due to the impact of consumption upgrades, the future of physical business must be experiential. "There is no need for experiential entity business. Although home is a high-experience industry, but the consumer frequency is low. In comparison, the 'experiential consumer business' is not only a hot spot, but also has the characteristics of high consumer frequency and popularity. It is entirely possible to complement the home industry,” Wang Linpeng said.