About Dinette Products Related Knowledge

- Jun 06, 2018-

The purchase of tables and chairs is also a kind of learning. When we choose, we must not only look at the price, but also the quality of the product. We can choose a good product with high cost performance both internally and externally. If you come to the mall to see the right style: we must first try sitting on the dining chair to feel comfortable, if the arm can be naturally placed on the desktop is better. The second is to look at the solidity of the tables and chairs. In particular, frequent use of dining chairs, pay attention to the chair's material and splicing. In general, the traditional squat structure is relatively firm, and there is a relatively strong chair using wood such as beech and cypress. Finally, in addition to trying to feel whether the chair is shaking, it can be judged by observing whether the leg has any signs of tarsal or crack repair. The leg and supporting parts of the chair cannot be made of materials with knots and cracks, otherwise it will be serious. Affect the service life.

In the course of using the dinette, it is inevitable that such problems will occur, because in general, there are many people who use it. In the maintenance we grasp the details, in fact, maintenance is not a difficult task. Below I will introduce a few tips: The color of the wooden dining table and chair surface is destroyed by the soup or other things, the dirt can be removed with a hot rag and then repaired with dye. Part of the cortex should first clean the dirt with a rag, and then use special dyes to complement the color. The cloth part is brushed with 5% soap, warm water, brush off the dirty parts, and then dry with a clean rag. If it is a scratched table chair, a colored wooden dinette can be dyed with dye in the wounded area, and after the dye is dried, the wax is evenly applied to the top. With wooden floor repair liquid, slight scratches on tables and chairs can also be easily removed. Clean the table and chair, you can use the powder brush, brush out the dirty things inside the slit, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean, this method is particularly effective for rattan chair.