A Brief Introduction Of Fumigation Health Principle And Fumigation Bed

- May 22, 2018-

As more and more people attach importance to health, health has become a hot topic of the day. The fumigation health is the more popular way of health. The main process of fumigation is to lie on a fumigating bed. The fumigation of drugs prepared in the fumigation machine expands the skin's capillaries, promotes the circulation and metabolism of blood and lymph, and makes the body's internal organs "toxic gas" and "evil gas". "Cold" quickly excreted through the sweat glands, both Fuyuan and the elimination of fatigue, give people a sense of ease, it can clear the meridians, Qi and blood, regulate the body's yin and yang balance, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of disease. Since the fumigation bed is so powerful, Xuan Yi Furniture will take you to the fumigation bed today.

The fumigation bed is a health supplement. Applicable to health clubs, Chinese medicine therapy centers, hotel places, a health care function of furniture. Its conventional size is 1900*700*650mm and consists of four parts: bed frame, mattress, box and fumigation machine. There are three kinds of bed frame material: spray iron frame, 304 stainless steel frame and solid wood frame. The price of fumigation bed produced by each material is not the same, customers can customize according to their actual needs. The mattress is made of high-rebound high-density sponge pu leather soft pack. Although the mattress of the fumigation bed is similar to that of an ordinary massage bed, its mattress and the mattress of the massage bed are completely different. The whole bed of the massage bed mattress is soft, and the bed of the massage bed is to dig I-shaped, one-shaped and head holes. In addition, the bed board of the fumigation bed adopts a breathable plate, and there are many small holes. These are to facilitate the complete evaporation of the fumigating gas emitted from the fumigating machine in the cabinet and to promote the complete absorption of the skin.