Wood selection of American furniture

- Sep 27, 2018-

American furniture is characterized by the atmosphere and luxury. Elegant and well-loved by the public, this is because American furniture is made of fine wood and exquisite craftsmanship, both in material selection and in the production of furniture. Today, the focus is to analyze with you the use of materials. The wood of American furniture is made of cherry wood, black walnut, mahogany, oak, etc. The wood has good color and clear texture, which is due to the long-term growth environment. Form a special texture, very beautiful.

      The furniture wood is made by natural drying and drying oven drying method, which can prevent the deformation of the wood, properly shrink the wood, increase the hardness, and the wood produced is mostly the wooden heart and the lower part of the selected wood. The wood is black and the material is better.

      On the whole, the choice of American furniture materials is in the north temperate zone. Some remote high-altitude areas, like birch, from the outside to the inner layer, have deeper color and better texture. His treatment is advanced steam, which is processed into furniture. , box gauges, interior architecture, doors, floors, etc. The wood of red oak is hard and easy to process. Its color, texture and nature will change with the surrounding environment, showing different characteristics.