With sofa TV foot sofa installation considerations

- May 23, 2018-

The discovery of the footbath with TV has become an integral part of the leisure and leisure activities in large and medium-sized hotels. It is composed of an electric sofa, LCD TV, control panel, bracket and coffee table. We generally divide it into two digits with a television foot bath sofa and a unit with a television foot bath sofa according to the number of digits. Due to the large number of accessories involved in such sofas, special attention must be paid to the details during installation.

First of all, there are two kinds of signal source, digital signal source and cable signal source when we use cable TV signal everyday. The connection between these two sources is different. After the digital signal source needs to be converted by the set-top box, it can connect the cable to the TV. However, the cable signal source only needs to insert the cable directly into the TV connection port. Therefore, before installing a television footbath in our hotel or clubhouse, we should first understand whether the source of the venue is a cable or digital signal source. Second, we usually install LCD TVs with TV foot baths. There are generally three sizes, 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches (we recommend 15 inches). LCD TV interface can be connected to computer signals, DVD (vcd) signals and cable, digital signal sources. Again, there are two types of panels for controlling sofas and TVs, a two-position control panel and a single-person control panel. The double seat is a panel that can control two sofas and two televisions, while the single person can only control one TV and one sofa. The size of the double-bit control panel and the single-person opening in the marble is not the same, and the single-person position is shorter than the double-person position, so it is necessary to tailor the clothing according to the number of positions. In addition, the position of the plug and the cable must be fully taken into account during the wiring, preferably below the front part of the coffee table, which is easier to install. We have an access door on the side of the front part of the coffee table, and it is very convenient to pick up the line.

  Finally, before installing the television footbath sofa, some of the above details must be noticed. We must not be careless about each installation details to avoid mistakes in the installation process.