Wine Cabinet Maintenance and Cleaning

- Apr 20, 2018-

Wine Cabinet Care

1. Replace the activated carbon filter above the wine cooler every six months.

2. Clean the dust on the condenser (metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet) every two years.

3. carefully check whether the plug has been pulled out before moving or cleaning the wine cabinet.

4. Replace the shelves every one to two years to prevent the hidden dangers caused by the corrosion of the solid wood shelves under high humidity conditions.

5. Thoroughly clean the wine cabinet once a year. Before cleaning, pull out the plug and empty the wine cabinet, then gently scrub the cabinet with water.

6. Do not apply pressure on the inside or outside of the wine cabinet. Do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top of the cabinet.

7. long-term storage of alcohol, the humidity inside the box, wooden tray easy to mold, can be wrapped in plastic wrap tray and then stored drinks. Regularly disinfect and clean the bracket wine cabinet to prevent mold.

Wine cooler cleaning

1. For safety, unplug the power plug before cleaning.

2. Soft cloth or sponge, drowning water or soap (neutral non-corrosive cleaning agent can be used) when cleaning the wine cabinet. After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

3. Do not use organic solvents, boiling water, detergent or acid and other substances to clean the wine cabinet. Do not damage the refrigeration circuit.

4. Do not rinse the wine cabinet with water when cleaning; do not use hard brush or wire washing cabinet.

5.the wine cabinet to be disabled for a long time, need to cut off the power, according to the above method for cleaning. Open the glass door and seal the contents of the cabinet after drying.