Why the red oak wood in North of the United States are better than in the Southern ?

- May 17, 2018-

Why the red oak wood in North of  the United States are better than in the   Southern ?

Red oak is one of the most popular wood doors in the northern part of the glacier. Its reliability! Durability! With beautiful patterns and colors make it widely used in the cupboard door. But not all red oak is equally beautiful. There are many varieties of red oak and derived subspecies. The discussion is limited to the red oak varieties that are more often used to make cabinets and doors. We found that in the United States and Canada red oak is divided into three main areas, the south, the Appalachian Mountains (mountain), and northern. Each area can be further based on color and quality as a broader overview. Red oak has a faster growth rate in the southern part of the country, often the widest range of colors! The color is red rough texture). The Appalachian Mountains (mountain) red oak tree of southern red oak. Color range is relatively consistent.

The red oak is considered to have the highest quality. The red oak in the northern part of the glacier has a slower growth rate due to the shorter growing season. The color is more consistent, but the price is much higher than that of the Appalachian Mountains (mountain) or southern red oak.

The best red oak areas in this part of the United States is the northern Michigan Peninsula and Wisconsin and Minnesota. The red oak growing in this area is known as the northern red oak. Because the growth is very slow, so the ring is very compact pattern and beautiful. Plate color consistency is also high. Excellent stability. Color is light colored wheat. From the aesthetic point of view is also more suitable for the production of smaller cabinets.

The glacier red oak in this area is also the best material for the cabinet door because of the special wheat color. There is also a wider range of colors! Can do more light colored wood color paint! And the color is very uniform! Red oak color sorting can be easily obtained from the red oak in the glacier region! Because most of the red oak is naturally the color of the wheat, red oak is often priced according to the grading rules! More color sorting to reflect its value! So the cupboard door and drawer front baffle senior residential wood overall custom more inclined to use the northern red oak glacier.