Why is American furniture expensive?

- Aug 09, 2018-

In fact, the price of American furniture is not all very expensive, affecting its price because it is still depends on its material. Because American furniture does not look like a European-style furniture. American furniture is relatively more popular with civilians. Although the noble temperament is still there, most of its materials are made of solid wood. And there will be some engravings, but it won't be too exaggerated. It is more practical or practical. If it is hand-carved, it can be said that its workmanship is also very textured, because it is very suitable for the casual and simple style of American furniture. American furniture uses American oak as a raw material, so its price will be more expensive, because the material of American oak is harder and the pattern is more beautiful, so it is also a very advanced furniture material, and the price is also expensive. There is a reason for it.