Why do we need to do the commodity and fumigation inspection for the wood products?

- May 17, 2018-

Why do we need to do the commodity and fumigation inspection for the wood products?

Let me explain something here according to my own personal working experience and some info from the website and related plywood industry and timer industry experts .

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, the domestic timber supply is seriously insufficient. Imported timber to make up for the shortage of domestic timber at the same time, but also bring a complex pest and quality and safety issues, to the national interests and people’s health and safety risks, should arouse the attention of the parties.

First, the import of wood to carry harmful organisms

First, the rapid growth of harmful organisms year by year. China imported from various types of wood intercepted  kinds of pests, all intercepted kinds of pests,  increase . Two is more complex species of pests.  from wood pests intercepted  are spruce bark beetles and African snail, pine wood nematode, six Kennedy in ridge pest species, more batches, including detection of dangerous pests, Three foreign epidemic situation is more severe. National record of the port,  were intercepted to all kinds of harmful organisms.

Two, imported wood quality problems

in recent years,  import the main products from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia and other more than and 20 countries or regions, the quality problems mainly include: one is the lack of a high proportion of volume. The problem is mainly focused on the African and Russian logs, mainly due to differences in the method of inspection, shipping and other reasons. Two is the quality defects. The problem is mainly concentrated in Malaysia, Gabon and Russian logs, mainly for the serious cracks, voids, decay, bug and distortion. Three species of wood is more controversial. It is one of the most difficult problems in the timber trade, which involves many aspects, such as tariff, price fraud, endangered species protection and so on. Four is the poor quality of treatments. Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions are not strictly on the export of logs and plant quarantine, fumigation, disinfection treatment method is not reasonable; the Russian Far East, the Alaska area disinfection treatment effect is poor; some logs increased risk of pests with risk and risk. At the same time, due to a trade contract is not rigorous, resulting in fraud phenomenon often occurs, the wood importer suffered serious economic losses, but also contributed to foreign exporters to practise fraud behavior.