What should pay attention to the purchase process of office furniture

- Jun 20, 2018-

The industry is often more casual when it comes to purchasing office furniture, especially office chairs. Sometimes, even office furniture is irrelevant, but it is not the case. Office furniture is also an office environment. In part, the size and style must be matched with the overall decoration of the office

First, you can customize according to your own situation, buy directly in the market, it is better to choose to order. According to the size of office space, office environment style and specific circumstances, customize a most suitable desk.

Second, when selected, pay attention to looking at more than a few businesses, and then conduct screenings and comparisons. Look at the details. If you can demonstrate some of the company's performance, this will be better. It depends on the strength of this office furniture factory to see if it has some customized strength.

Third, look at the quality of the surface of the desk and see if the surface has scratches, indentations, etc. to see if the texture is smooth.

Fourth, depending on the quality of the production, it depends on whether the diagonal of the desk is accurate, whether the adhered items are firm, and whether the desktop drill hole is delicate and neat. When the sliding door is pushed, it is not flexible.

Fifth, look at the quality of metal parts and plastic parts. The metal parts should be smooth and dexterous. The surface plating must be good, and there can be no rust.

Through the above two points of introduction and analysis, I believe we have some understanding of how to conduct a reasonable purchase of the desk, but also hope that for everyone to buy help.