What's the process of American furniture

- Sep 17, 2018-

1. white body processing

The production process of white embryo processing of American furniture is the same as that of domestic furniture production, and it is processed strictly according to the drawings to ensure that the machining accuracy is within the tolerance range.

The white body processing mainly has the following processes: blanking, fine cutting, double-sided planing, sanding, punching, milling, slotting, engraving, and the like. The key processing steps are punching, milling, cutting angle, and engraving parts. It is necessary to ensure the machining accuracy so that the assembly accuracy of the assembly process is within the allowable error range.

2. assembly

The assembly process is a key process to ensure the quality of American bedroom products. Because of its large size, weight and overall assembly, the use of tools, assembly stations, personnel, etc. in the assembly process is arranged with other disassembly furniture. A big difference. In order to ensure the accuracy of assembly and the proficiency of operation, according to the variety of American bedroom furniture and the requirements for the production of supporting products.

3. polishing

The polishing of American living room products is a process that requires a lot of time and space. In order to increase the output of the products, it is necessary to have enough space to meet the needs. Because the products are assembled into one piece, it is difficult to sample the samples at some corners. It is not possible to use the original parts of the polishing table. It is necessary to have a good grinding tool and a polishing table with a good dust-discharging device, so as to improve the speed and quality of the grinding. The grinding table can be made by pressing the table under the countertop (bed grinding) and the middle vertical vacuuming type grinding table (the whole assembled cabinet). The grinding table can be used on both sides, and both sides can be polished. Strong. A special note to be polished is that no horizontal grain marks are allowed.

4. painting

American painting refers to the paint coating of furniture suitable for use in Europe and the United States, mainly including general American natural painting, ancient white coating, double-layer painting, and rural painting. The coating process mainly includes the following contents: substrate damage treatment, material adjustment, overall coloring, filler, glue primer, sputum, Grice colorant, color correction colorant, second primer, topcoat, Polishing, waxing and other processes.